Monogrammatiks Personalized Playing Cards
Monogrammatiks Personalized Playing Cards  
The cards were much appreciated at our trade show. Your input was a great help. The result was exceptional. We don't hesitate in recommending your services. Tom Clapp - Ottawa, ON


Customized decks of playing cards are not only an effective promotional vehicle, but they are also cost efficient to match its marketing efficiency for most business owners choosing to use personalized playing cards for their promotional campaign. They are cost efficient, not only in the sense that they fairly cheap to manufacture, but they are also more durable and lasting as compared to other promotional materials like posters and advertisement brochures and fliers. As compared to the typical advertising materials, customized playing cards for business companies are also exclusive and singularly creative, which makes them more enticing and has the greater chance of impressing the company’s message more effectively.

Although customized decks of playing cards are not exactly a novice advertising concept, only a few companies see the marketing advantage of using customized playing cards as an excellent advertising media. And, with the development of sophisticated printing technology, customized playing cards now come in a hodgepodge of top quality materials and designs that are developed to fuse product durability and inimitable creativity with the help of first-rate, digital printing techniques, which has helped improve the playing cards’ quality, as well as lower its manufacturing costs. This means that even if you are using a fully customized deck of cards as your promotional material for your products and/or services, you can still enjoy a cost efficient approach to effective advertising.

If you are thinking of what particular corporate give away can help you spread your company’s message more effectively than handing out leaflets and brochures, consider using customized decks of playing cards as your corporate giveaway. Because it is fully customizable, you can work hand in hand with the supplier and share with them your ideas with regards on how you want to make your customized playing cards look. You can share your ideas during the layout process where you can tell the artist or anyone responsible for design creation on how to make the graphics related to what you are marketing or the message you want to impart to its recipient. Apart from your company logo, you can fully customize each card in a deck, wherein you can place your products’ images, your company objectives, mission, vision, corporate agenda, and other items that will help promote your company.

Each feature will, of course, depend on your agreement with the company supplying the decks of playing cards because their price will certainly depend on how complex your design is, the level of customization process that will take the company in order to produce and meet your design requirements, and the volume of your order. Obviously, you can get a fair discount if you will be ordering in bulk and this can save a lot of money in the process.

Today’s marketing world is radically changing in order for business industries to meet the increasingly changing demands of their target market. By having a very effective advertising medium using customized decks of playing cards, you can have a better reach of your market by making a lasting impression on them about your company and the products and/or services you can offer to them.


  • Personalized Playing Cards:
    Get your business name known with personalized playing cards. Give your customers 52 business cards that they’ll want to use!
  • Wedding Favor Cards:
    Playing cards make a perfect wedding favor!
  • Personalized Photo Cards:
    Personal photos on playing cards adds a truly personal touch.
  • Unique Playing Cards:
    Monogrammatiks offers unique playing cards for all party planning needs.
  • Wholesale Playing Cards:
    If you are looking for wholesale playing cards for your business, we can help you with your playing card needs. We offer wholesale prices, custom orders and all the extras you need to make sure your playing card order is perfect.
  • Decks Of Playing Cards:
    Personalized playing cards make great promotional materials for your business.
  • Educational Cards:
    Use personalized playing cards as flashcards or other educational tools. Playing is the best way to learn!

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did on the Bay Beauties deck of cards! Your company did a great job and we received a very nice product. The group has met with other Red Hat ladies clubs and has shown them the cards. Deborah Clement - Largo, FL